AND to so many others not listed here, and those of you who have enriched the story especially those who grieve the losses of life, limbs and love in this war, and Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and our Blessed Mother. Website (c) copyright 2011 by Fr. Ron Moses Camarda webdesign by PeschkenMedia All rights reserved    - My Beloved Father in Heaven and on Earth. - The men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and whom inspired me to pray for them and love them as my own sons and daughters. - The men and women who sacrificed their limb, psyches, and time with their families for our freedoms (I wonder if the Purple Heart should be awarded to those who are diagnosed with PTSD?) - relatives and friends who experienced the death of their beloved in this war. Especially parents, children and spouses. - The Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors whom I had the honor of serving with. - My Parents, Matthew and Margaret, for giving me life and instilling faith, family, love and fun into my life (And for my new mother, Momma Nancy). - My Brothers: Ray, Steve, Gerry, Rick, and Andy for so many ways you were there through this ordeal. - My Sisters: Diane, Susan, and PJ for so many prayers and tears along with putting up with the chore of being sisters to a priest. Diane made stoles for all 24 who received Sacraments in the Desert. - the sisters by marriage: Diane, Martha, Mary, Ami for being my sisters and always leaving the door open for me. - Father Jeff McGowan for being my beloved friend and spiritual partner into the desert and enriching my life in our journeys - Sister Patricia O’Hea for being my other beloved friend through thick and thin. - Sister Carmel and all the Sisters of Mercy (and Rebecca). - The People of Saint Patrick’s in North Jacksonville for the computer that I took into the battle and used for various liturgies and in which I wrote the bulk of the book. Also for supporting me with so much love that I had plenty to share in the field. - Bishop John Snyder for ordaining me, inspiring me, and having faith in me. - Bishop Victor Galeone for trusting me to represent the Diocese of St. Augustine and reflect an abundance of Love, Joy and Peace! - The Knights of Columbus for the thousands of religious medals. - Those who sent me so many gifts of prayers, love, care packages and love. - John and Nancy Kearney (Matthew & Kyle) for greeting me at Camp Pendleton as their own brother and uncle - Stan and Kate Norton (kids and dogs) for your incredible generosity and love. Kate was the first editor of my manuscript. She told me the story needed to get out. The DVD Stan produced for my retirement inspired me to keep going, have faith and have fun in the process. - RP1 Patrick Bowen for saving my life (literally) more than once and for making our Ministry Team the Best! (You really should be a Senior Chief!). - Colonel Michael Shupp for the Afterward and for trusting me with your Marines a (and his wife, Sherrye who continues to live!).